Chennai Photo Biennale

With over a hundred artists and forty-five exhibitions, the Chennai Photo Biennale is an endeavour that is not to be missed. CPB has gone beyond traditional exhibition spaces to exhibit at public venues, bringing photography to the masses. By offering varied programs and interactions the Biennale has increased the level of engagement with different communities and age groups. In a world where photography is a big part of our lives and how we perceive it changes very frequently,  the Chennai Photo Biennale is redefining and reinterpreting what photography means to the creator and the viewer. More platforms like these are desperately needed.  It is commendable to see Kochi and now Chennai give new direction to the arts in this country.

By encouraging meaningful dialogue, engaging with prevalent contemporary practices and focussing on socio-political discussions, CPB is exploring the true potential of photography. A stupendous effort by the founders that needs to be applauded and supported wholeheartedly.

Chennai Photo Biennale: On till the 24th of March, 2019.
Photos: Chennai Photo Biennale 2019