Established in late 2017, art dose is dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge galleries, ideas, people, shows, fairs, events and festivals that matter. It strives to give you thought-provoking opinions, insightful reviews & commentary. In today’s fast-changing scenario, change and evolution are inevitable. In a constant state of flux, art dose hopes to be a small yet significant voice in art, pushing boundaries and upping the ante.

Vikram Singh

With over 15 years of experience in Art, Photography, Film, and Video, Founder Vikram Singh brings a vast bank of knowledge and understanding. As a photographer, Vikram has a keen sense of aesthetics and sensitivity towards the visual medium. He has published and displayed his works in a variety of magazines and exhibitions. Know more about him and his work here.

Shalmali Shetty

Performing her role as Associate Editor for art dose, Shalmali Shetty operates from a situation where her extra-curricular goals have become her career interests. Finding articulation through both art practice and art writing, she plans to experiment with the two for a synthesised production.