Sensorium: Abhijit Pathak

“I go through an infinite number of experiences in my daily life. Some felt, others not. I create my artworks based on moments that leave an impression on me. These elements have been at the core of my line drawings. In this multimedia installation, I have expanded the scope of my works by adding movement, sound, light and shadow. I hope this endeavour affords the possibility for the viewer to interact, be a part of the artwork and open new realms of possibilities.”


Tell us a little more about your work and style?
I have been an abstract expressionist for the past twelve years, I work with different materials, experimenting with varied techniques, defying the convention and developing my own breakthrough style.

What influences your works?
Places and my surroundings play a huge part. Varanasi played an important role in developing the impressions I carry today. Music and the sounds of my surroundings have been a major influence in my creative process, perceiving, balancing the chaotic and the serene. Delhi brought me into contact with a city of 18 million people, a vast urban sprawl bereft of nature. It was radically different yet for me teeming with possibilities. It altered the way I perceived the reality around me. The most interesting thing for me was the connect or disconnect we have with things, places and people depending on our needs and choices at a conscious and subconscious level in multiple dimensions.

Please elaborate on the multiple elements and materials in your artworks?
To communicate the impressions I carry within me, I have traditionally used various materials including acrylic colours, fabric, charcoal, and pencils. Rough surfaces, torn pieces of uneven cloth and fabric are a reflection of a specific period of time. Heavy impasto and encrusted surfaces oscillate towards fine bold or tinted drawings that carry my impression of figures and places. The deep lines represent emotions and experiences, the connection and the disconnection.  They are also basic elements of any art that help the viewer understand various elements in an artwork. I am now moving into the realm of the intangible. I am trying to blur the lines between what we can touch and feel and something that can be heard, sensed and perceived.

How did you decide to create a multimedia installation?
I have always been creating art in two dimensions. This had its limitations. Adding a new dimension to my artwork was a natural progression. I included lines, video and sound to communicate the various visual and audio cues from my surroundings in this multimedia installation. The audience can also interact with the artwork in new ways. Technology is making it possible. Also, newer ways have to be found to engage. I believe this makes my art more evocative and bold and allows me to push the boundaries and be more experimental in my approach. I must also mention Art Heritage Gallery and their support and belief in my vision.

A multimedia installation by Abstract Expressionist Abhijit Pathak at Art Heritage Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. A must see if you are in Delhi.
On till the 12th of January, 2019.