Zine issue 3


Showcasing photography, multimedia and allied endeavours.

Narratives from Nature Arati Kumar RaoDayanita Singh on Re-curating the Photo Book. Sneha Khanwalkar and the Porosity of Aural Boundaries. Peter Cat Recording Co. A Portrait. The Photograph as a Document Anusha Yadav, Pushpamala N. & Claire Arni. Raghu Rai’s Short Take on Modes of Photography. Pastel Colours, Retro Dreams & Pop Music: A new aesthetics of Indie music-videos from Calcutta. Ronny Sen Framing Narratives. When is a Photograph Finished? Sohrab Hura.

A limited number of printed copies are made available for each issue. Status: Printed on 20th December, Not Available.

Zine issue 2


In this issue, Subodh Kerkar talks about his art and what makes him tick. We are showcasing photography by Pooja Jain, artworks by Bharat Dodiya and Krishnal Fulwala. Vanita Gupta talks about her life in art. Poetry by Sonam Chaturvedi, articles on Performance Artist Murari Jha and Performing Artist Neha ‘Zooni’ Tickoo. A free-flowing interview with Curator/Writer Gitanjali Dang and an in-depth article on Print(mak)ing.